Javier Del Cid

Hi, my name is Javier Del Cid, I am the lead photographer and creative director for Del Cid Productions, a company originally started by my father who is now retired. I inherited this beautiful and inspiring legacy.

I started my career at the Los Angeles City College film school where I have collaborated with dozens of independent filmmakers and later have worked in post-production facilities of a few Hollywood industry companies. But I think that my true working knowledge of light, color and composition come from the experience I’ve acquired through the years as my father’s second shooter and then solo photographer of hundreds and hundreds of Weddings and Quinceañeras.

Currently I am based in Southern California where I manage Del Cid Productions, I consider myself one of the lucky people who make a living having fun, my business is also my hobby, the beautiful photography you see in my portfolio is a result of this true passion for the image, storytelling and beautiful people.

Destination Weddings Team

Our Destinations Weddings team has over 10 of years of experience working at high end hotels and resorts in Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Photo by Veronica Salvador

Photo by Ernesto Salvador

Veronica Salvador

My first photographer Veronica attended Fine Arts School in Los Angeles City College, where she learned the use of composition and color in her art. She also took several classes on cinematography where she met her husband Ernesto. I can confidently say that Veronica is a true artist of photography.

But more than a technically skilled photographer she is the most caring person. Her easy going nature, patience and sweetness will put you in the right mood for getting the best pictures you will ever have. Veronica’s extensive portfolio of dozens and dozens of weddings at the Riviera Maya, Huatulco and Los Cabos says it all.

Ernesto Salvador

My second shooter photographer Ernesto was one of my classmates at the Los Angeles City College film school, his creativity and artistic sense made him one of the best of our class. After film school him and his wife Veronica have moved around several different countries where they started their career as destination wedding photographers, in Cancun Ernesto became the Chief Photographer in several high end resorts where he managed a team of photographers that often booked between 25 and up 40 weddings a month in the high seasons of April and June acquiring top notch skills at destination weddings. He and his wife together have the most beautiful and extensive wedding portfolio you’ll ever see.

Hollywood Makeup Artist

Karla Vallejo

Karla Vallejo

Karla Vallejo is a Los Angeles based certified makeup artist and hairstylist with almost 15 years of experience in all types of media...from photo shoots to fashion shows, special events to independent & student films. Karla has worked as a freelance makeup artist with several premium retail cosmetic vendors such as Origins Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani Beauty, YSL Beauty and mainly Chanel Cosmetics. Her work has been featured in People en Español and she has also worked with TV networks such as Fox. She currently works in TV, both locally and nationally with NBCUniversal/Telemundo, as well as Spectrum News and Spectrum SportsNet. Working in TV production has allowed her to become a member of the Makeup Artist Union IATSE Local 706. Her passion and love for the craft has propelled her into making it her life’s work along side her other life’s work, being a mother. As a little girl, she always said she’d become an artist...little did she know it would translate into the art of face painting.

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